Collection: Birds, Sky and Castle Series

In Xu Bin's group paintings "Birds, Sky and Castle", birds are perceived as symbols of freedom. They can soar freely in the sky without any restraints or limitations. Meanwhile, the castle represents stability and safety, serving as the bird's harbor and refuge. The light is used to illuminate the castle, providing a direction and guidance for exploration. The painter expressed his yearning for a beautiful life in this series of paintings. He hopes to have a stable and warm home, while also being free to explore without any restrictions.


The color combination of this series of paintings is very harmonious, and the shape of the flying birds is very beautiful. The painter used delicate brushstrokes to depict the birds with precision, showcasing Xu Bin's extraordinary painting skills and elegant aesthetics.


Through the use of birds, castle and light, Xu Bin's painting shows a desire for a balanced life. The birds represent the unrestricted pursuit of personal freedom and allows the viewer to tap into their inner desires of what they would take a risk for. In contrast, the castle symbolizes a stable and safe environment an individual requires to pursue their goals and ambitions while not losing faith. There is always a need for balance in life, which is what the painter is trying to portray in this series of paintings.


Furthermore, the use of the light to illuminate not only shows the viewer the direction of the castle but perhaps also a metaphor for carrying light in order to guide the viewer to a new door of opportunities. Overall, this painting represents dreaming big for the future yet grounded in the present.