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A Virtual World III

A Virtual World III

Original contemporary art by Xu Bin

Size: 53.5 cm x 53.5 cm x 3 cm

Material: Oil paints, handmade artist's canvas

Creation Year: 2022

Framing: Stretched on wood bars on the back (ready to hang)

A virtual, magical, fast world, in front of you... a new world. Are we living in a virtual world?

Xu Bin's "A Virtual World III" is a captivating oil painting that explores the wonder and mystery of modern technology. It features a young woman wearing VR glasses, stepping into a world that is both familiar and new to her. Through the lenses, the viewer is transported to a stunning coastal landscape, with remarkable detail and vibrant colors. The painting invites us to contemplate the limitless potential of this new frontier, where towering buildings stand in stark contrast to the natural beauty of the virtual world. This remarkable work of art speaks to the human desire for exploration and discovery, capturing the sense of possibility and mystery that surrounds modern technology.

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