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Dunhuang - Dream of Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Lake III

Dunhuang - Dream of Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Lake III

Original contemporary art by Xu Bin

Size: 80 cm x 120 cm x 3 cm

Material: Oil paints, handmade artist's canvas

Creation Year: 2022

Framing: Stretched on wood bars on the back (ready to hang)

Maybe it's a memory, maybe it's a promise, maybe it's a journey, all in Dunhuang, Mingsha Mountain, and Crescent Lake. It's still a dream for us. step into history, go back to the past

Xu Bin's original oil painting "Dunhuang - Dream of Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Lake III" is a masterpiece that captures the artist's memories and reflections on his past, as well as his optimistic outlook on the future. Through a skillful combination of natural beauty and historical fragments, the painting invites the viewer to explore their own experiences and emotions, while also reminding us of the enduring nature of human civilization. Moreover, the image of the young girl dancing joyfully on her boat symbolizes the painter's own determination to embrace life with positivity and resilience. All in all, this painting serves as a powerful reminder that, even in the face of change and challenge, it is always possible to move forward and find beauty and meaning in our lives.

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