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Slow Down III

Slow Down III

Take a break from the hustle and bustle, slow down and enjoy life

Art Inspiration: I lay upon the clouds so bright, And gazed upon a wondrous sight, Huge trees stretched out, so tall and proud, Their branches reached up to the clouds.

Size: 100 cm x 100 cm x 3 cm

Material: Oil paints, handmade artist's canvas

Creation Year: 2020

Framing: Stretched on wood bars on the back (ready to hang)

Slow Down III is an original oil painting by Xu Bin that depicts the contrast between the fast-paced nature of urban life and the desire for nature and freedom. In the painting, a young person is shown sitting in a large tree amidst many small birds, seeming to seek some peace and freedom. The painting symbolizes the vitality of life and the importance of cherishing life's moments, no matter how small. Xu Bin's use of oil paints creates a sense of texture and depth, making the tree and birds come alive. Slow Down III is a beautiful work of art that conveys a message of hope, peace, and freedom in the midst of the chaos of the city.

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